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    Camp Che-Na-Wah Counselor Toast

    On behalf of the counselors we would like to make a toast to the summer of 2015. While all three of us found Che-Na-Wah in unique ways, we are the same in that we are all share a love of this magical place that brought us all together. As you

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    Camp Baco Counselor Toast 2015

    Dear Baco Family, I can’t express in words how fortunate and appreciative I feel standing here in front of you all right now.  After 11 incredible summers, this chapter in my Baco experience is coming to a close.  You may be sitting there thinking “Isn’t the book ending, not just

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    • 150DAYS!!!!!!!💛💙🎉💛💙 #bacochenawah #12851 #living10for2
    • The Amy's are getting ready for summer 2016 in London at the @campamerica69 fair, meeting new counselors and seeing some old ones 💙💛😄 #bacochenawah #12851 #living10for2
    • #Repost @itsacampthinghq with @repostapp.
Another edition of #campbreedswinners 
Meet @stephenschloss currently tour managing @shawnmendes which has been a nonstop adventure but always making time for his friends to do this Q&A with us... Because as he says anything Camp is a no brainer. He called @baco_chenawah12851 home!  Enjoy this read itsacampthing.com/Stephen-Schloss-campbreedswinners/
    • 💛💙176💙💛 #bacochenawah #living10for2
    • While everyone watches the yule log burning this holiday season, we're dreaming of the campfire burning in the summer. 187 days to go! 💛💙⛺️ #bacochenawah #living10for2
    • 199 days until we can jump in the lake!!! #bacochenawah #lakebalfour #12851 #living10for2 💙💛💙💛
    • Bob Wortman having fun with #camptshirt day in the #bacochenawah office. And yes, we were playing "We didn't start the fire" on loop when we took the picture. #theresnoplacelikecamp 💙💛 @camptshirtday @summer_3_6_5 @itsacampthinghq
    • Today is the day! Celebrate with Juliana and campers/staff/alumni/parents everywhere! Post pictures of you wearing your favorite camp shirt (top 5 if you can't choose...). Tag @baco_chenawah12851 #bacochenawah #camptshirtday @camptshirtday. Don't forget, if you're private we can't see it. That's ok! Just email us your picture and we can post it! 💛💙💛💙

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