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    Camp Che-Na-Wah Counselor Toast

    On behalf of the counselors we would like to make a toast to the summer of 2015. While all three of us found Che-Na-Wah in unique ways, we are the same in that we are all share a love of this magical place that brought us all together. As you

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    Camp Baco Counselor Toast 2015

    Dear Baco Family, I can’t express in words how fortunate and appreciative I feel standing here in front of you all right now.  After 11 incredible summers, this chapter in my Baco experience is coming to a close.  You may be sitting there thinking “Isn’t the book ending, not just

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    • Bob Wortman having fun with #camptshirt day in the #bacochenawah office. And yes, we were playing "We didn't start the fire" on loop when we took the picture. #theresnoplacelikecamp 💙💛 @camptshirtday @summer_3_6_5 @itsacampthinghq
    • Today is the day! Celebrate with Juliana and campers/staff/alumni/parents everywhere! Post pictures of you wearing your favorite camp shirt (top 5 if you can't choose...). Tag @baco_chenawah12851 #bacochenawah #camptshirtday @camptshirtday. Don't forget, if you're private we can't see it. That's ok! Just email us your picture and we can post it! 💛💙💛💙
    • TOMORROW!!! 💙💛💙💛 #Repost @camptshirtday with @repostapp.
This Tuesday, November 17th — the world will celebrate International #CampTShirtDay. Photos will stream through social media with thousands taking part.

CTSD is about sharing the incredible gift of camp with the world. 
For those of us lucky enough to have lived it — we know you are just as passionate about the summer camp experience as we are.

Think about it for a second…

Campers, staff members, alumni, and parents from countries all over the world will be celebrating the camps they love — and the idea of camp itself.

Not enough people know about this amazing gift. They do not understand the closeness of the friendships we have formed. They do not understand the personal growth that can happen in just seven or eight weeks. They do not understand how camp is fostering tomorrow’s young leaders. And — they do not understand what the fuss is all about.

#CampTShirtDay is one way to share our feelings with the world.

#CampTShirtDay is a way to show our camp pride and spirit.

#CampTShirtDay is a way to say “Thank You” to those who have given us this gift.

#CampTShirtDay is a way to celebrate all that we have accomplished at camp.


#CampTShirtDay is a way to make sure everyone is listening.
As we prepare for Tuesday, and in hopes of getting as many people involved as possible — post the I LOVE CAMP photo (below) to your social media accounts to encourage others to take part.

In your Instagram caption or 140 Characters on Twitter — let the world know why YOU Love Camp and why YOU will be taking part in #CampTShirtDay this Tuesday.

Together, not only can we ensure that this is the biggest International Summer Camp T-Shirt Day yet, but perhaps we can inspire others to learn more about the gift of camp.

With lots of summer love,
@summer_3_6_5, @crazemgmt, @itsacampthinghq
    • Checking out our favorite place from above. If only Google Earth could also help us time travel to summer. 227 days 💛🌎💙
    • Let the countdown begin... It's time to start deciding which camp shirt is your favorite. Wear it on November 17, and send us pictures of you wearing it! Send us pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or email! 💛💙💛💙 #bacochenawah Tag @camptshirtday on Instagram and Twitter too. @camptshirtday with @repostapp.
#CampTshirtDay it's as easy as 1, 2, 3...4!
    • A beautiful autumn day on Lake Balfour.  Counting the days until summer. #bacochenawah 💙💛
    • 🙌🏻 still thinking about summer 2015. only 270 until the next. #summerhurryup 💙💛#bacochenawah
    • Grobie and Jared tied the knot. Congratulations to CNW Athletic Director Amy "Grobie" Grobstein and Jared Kostick on their September 6th Wedding.
We wish the new Mr. and Mrs. Kostick all the best. 💙💛 #grobiewenttojared

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