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    Camp Che-Na-Wah Counselor Toast

    On behalf of the counselors we would like to make a toast to the summer of 2015. While all three of us found Che-Na-Wah in unique ways, we are the same in that we are all share a love of this magical place that brought us all together. As you

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    Camp Baco Counselor Toast 2015

    Dear Baco Family, I can’t express in words how fortunate and appreciative I feel standing here in front of you all right now.  After 11 incredible summers, this chapter in my Baco experience is coming to a close.  You may be sitting there thinking “Isn’t the book ending, not just

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    • What's the first thing you want to do when you arrive? 12851, we'll see you in 35!!! 💙💛🎉🙌🏻😁 #summercamp #bacochenawah #living10for2 #12851 #campstagramcountdown #summer2016 #summer
    • The deadline to sign up with Camp Trucking for Summer 2016 was today. Didn't register yet? Don't worry!!! We got an extension for you! There is now 1 week left to go to the Camp Trucking website and sign up for the summer! Happy Packing!!!! 💙💛💙💛🚌🌄 #12851 #living10for2 #bacochenawah
    • Art, drama, or something sporty. We'll do it all in only 40!!!!! (Caption credit: Jen Friedman) 💙💛🎉⛵️⚽️🏀⚾️🎾🏐🏒🚣🏻🎼🎤🎨🎷🎸🎹🎭💛💙 #bacochenawah #living10for2 #campstagramcountdown #12851
    • We'll be at camp in 41 and a half.  Some of these kids will be in Big Show, and others on our staff (WOAH) #campstagramcountdown #12851 #living10for2 #bacochenawah 💙💛
    • Soon I'll say goodbye to my English crew, see you Camp Che-Na-Wah in just 42!! (Caption credit: Rhiannon Hudd) 💙💛🎉😎👯👯 #bacochenawah #living10for2 #12851 #campstagramcountdown
    • Milk and cookies. Milk milk and cookies 👏🏻🍪 #nationalchocolatechipday
    • Always a great day when we have ski. Hit it when you're ready in 43 💙💛😁🎉🙌🏻🛥 (caption credit: Jen Friedman) #campstagramcountdown #12851 #living10for2 #bacochenawah #lakebalfour
    • It's not that long 'till the perfect s'more. The buses leave in 44. 💙💛😁🎊⛺️🔥 (caption credit: Suzanne Beitel Smith) #bacochenawah #living10for2 #12851 #campstagramcountdown

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