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Its almost time to lock up your trunk (don’t forget to contact Camp Trucking if you’re attending camp this summer!!)

We’ve been busy all year planning and counting down the days, and now we are in the final home stretch.

Barbara and Allison thought that would be a great opportunity for you to start to meet some of the Senior Staff for the upcoming summer.  There will be a lot more people for you to meet once you get to camp, but this will give you a head start.IMG_5746

Most of you know us already, but we are the dynamic mother/daughter duo that runs the show.  You can find us out and about doing everything that needs to be done, but our favorite thing is spending time with the campers.

Barbara’s favorite activity at Camp Che-Na-Wah is campfire, because it brings everybody together.  That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love some of the Blue and Gold competitions, like Human Croquet and Swedish Relay.

Allison’s favorite activity at Camp Baco is the Apache relay, because every camper has a part in this huge camp activity.  The energy that whole day is amazing, from the set up, to seeing every camper get their numbers painted on them, through the entire race, when the Waiters get to celebrate by running into the lake, and even the excitement after.

Call us if you need anything at all, anytime.

We can help you schedule tours if you are looking at camp for the first time, answer any office, camper, staff, maintenance, food, and medical related questions.  We might even be able to help you remember the words to that camp song from 20+ years ago.

Jane Sindel:

Associate Director

-Helping to manage the baco dining room; keeping the boys well fed and happy… supporting the waitresses and waiters in transitioning from camper to counselor… helping to facilitate a successful and fun filled bazaar.

-Walkie talkie channel:  14-1

-Call me if you have any dining room concerns

-Favorite  day or activity:  oh my gosh, there are so many, but I have to say after spending my first summer at baco last year I loved  Indian Olympics watching the older boys encourage the younger boys… so impressive


Amy Weinstock Kitchin:

Camp Che-Na-Wah Program Director/Head Counselor

-Writing and planning the daily schedule for our campers and staff.  Organizing all trips, hikes and transportation for anything to and from our camp.

-Walkie talkie channel: 14 1, so here’s my number, call me maybe!

-Call me if you need to know the inner workings of the office copy machine, where all of the thumbtacks are for the schedule board, how to set up the projector or where to get a great cup of coffee in the greater Adirondack region.

-Favorite day or activity in camp: Bookends! The first day of camp because it’s all of the excitement of waiting all year for summer to start and it’s finally happening!!! Also, the Banquet at the sun of the summer, because everyone is in such a reflective and happy mood about how much they’ve grown and accomplished all summer.


Greg Silver:

Camp Baco Program Director/Head Counselor

-I create the daily schedule every single day of the summer.  The heartbeat of the camp experience is the daily schedule because it dictates where every single camper and every single counselor is throughout every single day.  It sets the time and place for where and when all the magic happens!  In addition to creating the schedule, I work closely with Allison, Danny, Mickey, Rick, Robyn, Jane, The Coach, Spencer, Bruno, & The Group Leaders, and everyone else at Camp, to make sure everyone is having fun and staying safe all summer long.

-Walkie talkie channel:  10-4 good buddy!

-Call me if you need anything and everything.  Well, almost.  Specifically, call me if you have questions about Scheduling, Camper Activities, Counselor Assignments, Trips, Transportation, History of Camp, Random Baco Trivia (I’m not as good as Danny, but I can hold my own), Camp T-Shirts, Council Ring protocol, Honors, Admin 1 Dining Room Table, Apache Relay Bucket Brigade Judging, and anything else that 34 years of Camp has taught me.

-Favorite day or activity in camp:  By far, my favorite activity at camp is our daily Council Ring meetings before lunch and dinner.  Council Ring is the best, because everyone is together, discussing our day or our upcoming evening activity.  It’s hilarious and important.  Everyone loves the joys of Council Ring, every day, twice per day.  TWO CLAPS!  My favorite day in camp?  That’s easy.  Every day.


Amy Grobstein Kostick:

Camp Che-Na-Wah Athletic Director/Staff Coordinator

-Supervise and support athletic staff, plan leagues and inter camps, keep the program director sane, mom of the youngest camper (Stevie), occasional drummer and spoken word artist, creator of legendary awards ceremony playlists

-Walkie talkie channel: 14-1

-Call me if you need equipment, support, a joke, a golf cart ride, the answer to music or movie trivia, if the tetherball flys off the pole and into the lake, if you need clarification on the rules of lightning ball.

-Favorite day or activity in camp: the last day of blue and gold, more specifically the Apache relay into the bucket brigade. If you need me I’ll be the one fighting happy tears, lingering near the buckets, and pacing.


Danny Silver:

Camp Baco Basketball Director, Administrator, Athletic Coordinator, Head-Head OD, Intermediate Division Cleanup Inspector, Baco Historian

-In addition to my day job of running all of the basketball at Baco, I organize the intercamp calendar, help my brother Greg write the daily schedule, manage all the athletic equipment, “run” the Apache relay, inspect bunks 11-17, and answer questions about Baco history

Walkie Talkie Channel:  10-4

-Call me if you need a whistle, a basketball lesson, keys to the athletic shed, scheduling help, intercamp information, or whether or not a certain song has been used as an alma mater before

-Favorite day or activity in camp: Favorite activity?…..Double period of intermediate basketball leagues.  No question about it.  Always has been and always will be.  Get those boys on the courts for 2 hours and it’s a lock that magic will happen.  Favorite Day?….Everyday that isn’t packing day.


Mickey Huberman:

Camp Baco Athletic Director (and Head WHATEVER!)

-Supervise the day to day activity to make sure all activities are well run and campers are getting the most out to the Athletic program.  As Head WHATEVER, I trouble shoot and lend support throughout the day to many things that may come up as well as help Robyn with the photo taking through out the summer.

-Walkie talkie channel: On a need to know basis (😉) but you can probably guess… 10-4

-Call me if you have a questions about athletics, need to find a good hike when you’re in the area, want a picture of your son waterskiing, need any tips to make sure your son cleans his room when he gets home.

-Favorite day or activity in camp: I’m torn between to activities, going on a Junior division hike and hanging out with the JD kids in the morning around the Gazebo (I have a blast with the kids before breakfast, they are the most fun to be with.


Robyn Weiss:

Camp Baco Camp Mom

-Nails cut, sunscreen application, photos for BM montage, an extra cookie, how to clean a small cubby, to know where you baseball glove is, a hug from mom, a cheerleader on the sideline or Rick Weiss’ number

-Walkie Talkie Channel: 10:4

-Call me if you want to hear about all of the fun and exciting things that are going on in camp. Call me if your son said he can’t find something. Call me to say hello. Call me if you need help packing. Call me if you have any food concerns.

-Favorite day or activity in camp: Council ring: it’s where the BACO family comes together and lifts each other up


Rick Weiss:

Camp Baco Camp Dad

-Making sure campers have the best summer ever! Training staff to help make camp amazing! Showing future families Camp Baco’s gorgeous campus and meeting the people that make this summer home so special.

-Walkie talkie channel: 10:4

-Call me if you need: an update on your camper, a tour of camp, or a buddy for the lake

-Favorite day or activity in camp: First Day of Camp!  The air is electric! Never seen smiles so big…


Jen Friedman:

Camp Che-Na-Wah Camp Mom

-I take most of the pictures for the website- but more importantly I help the counselors make sure all the campers are taken care of. I make sure that sunscreen is applied and reapplied. I make sure hair and teeth are brushed everyday and night! I also function as a liaison between the campers and parents.  It is difficult to describe my job- I do what needs to be done to make sure our campers and staff are safe and happy so that they can thrive and grow at camp.

-Walkie Talkie Channel: 14-1

-Call me if you want to find out how your daughter is doing, if she needs any extra sunscreen, if she runs out of books,  if you need packing tips.

-My favorite activity at camp are campfires- when we all are together – laughing, sharing stories, singing- it does not get better than that.


Phil Dodd:

Camp Che-Na-Wah Tennis Director

-Run the most amazing tennis program in all the World with the most amazing staff in all the World through group classes and private lessons.  Take our amazing campers to dominate at tennis intercamps and tournaments. Make TENNNIS and ALL activities FUN and enjoyable for all.   Email Barbara or Allison if you need more specifics on tennis program offerings this summer. SUMMER – HURRY, HURRY, HURRY and GET HERE ALREADY!!!!!!

-Walkie Talkie Channel: 14-1

-My Favorite activity other than TENNIS of course is flag pole , where you get to see all the wonder things happening with campers and staff alike….and of course whipping everyone in CAN JAM once in a while 6th period!!!!!!


Steven “Bruno” Brunstein:

Baco Tennis Director, and Head of Early Morning Camp

-I run the Baco tennis program.  I evaluate, instruct, and motivate everyone to hit that fuzzy yellow ball with a bit more pace, a bit more topspin, a bit more depth.

Walkie Talkie Channel: 10-4

-Call me if you have any questions relating to tennis ladder, lessons, tournaments.

Also I’m your man if you need some hot chocolate before breakfast, or want to raise the flag!

-Favorite day or activity in camp: In a summer filled to the rim with awesomeness,  my absolute favorite moment is the Bucket Brigade at the end of the Apache Relay…..”4 more buckets!!!!!”


Leslie Silver Hoffman:

Camp Che-Na-Wah Aquatics Director/Head Waterfront

-Walkie Talkie Channel: 3-30

-Call me if you have any questions about the swimming, boating, sailing, or waterski programs at camp, call me!  Also, feel free to reach out to talk about swim instruction, restrictions, goals, or concerns.

-My favorite activity?  Easy– WATERSKI!


Spencer Rosner:

Camp Baco Aquatics Director/Head Waterfront

-My job involves overseeing all operations at the Baco Waterfront. With three full programs and a couple of side projects, like Lifeguard training, my position is incredibly dynamic and involved. As Aquatics director, I help train all the lifeguards on staff and help instructors develop skills needed to pass on knowledge to campers. I train ski boat drivers in the finer points of towing campers at all levels. I help swim instructors make weekly schedules and develop fun lesson plans. And, I also help boating counselors master techniques and effective strategies for instructing new skills like sailing and kayaking. There are many perks to my position, like daily runs behind the boat and special sailing trips with counselors, not to mention having the best office in the world with an unbeatable view. But my staff and I have tremendous respect for the responsibility we have as lifeguards and watersports instructors.  Lake Balfour is one of the most important aspects of camp, and I feel very lucky to have the chance to help campers learn to love it!

-Walkie Talkie Channel: 3-30

-Call me if you need a dip in the lake, a ride on a boat, a BIG WHAT’S UP!


Shari “Aunt Shari” Wagman Rotenberg:

Staff mentor

-I help transition our waiters and waitresses as they become 1st year counselors. I serve as mentor, offering guidance, support and encouragement.

Walkie talkie channel: 10-4 at BACO or 14-1 at CNW

-Call me if you need to find out about our first year counselor program, our staff training program, and where we are going with the first years on day off if you want to meet us.

-Favorite day or activity in camp: Everyday at camp is my favorite, but I love the Apache/Blue and Gold Relay and Bucket Brigade.


Adam “The Coach” Bloomberg: 

First Year Staff Mentor

-As one of two First Year Staff Mentor’s, it is my responsibility to help our first year counselors develop into the best counselors they can be.  Our first year counselors represent the future of our staff, and it is with great pride that I watch them grow from first year counselors to become leaders at camp.  We try to teach skills that are helpful, not only for camp, but for anywhere that life takes them.

-Walkie Talkie Channel: 10-4

-Call me if you have any questions about the first year program or a first year counselor.

-Favorite day or activity in camp: My favorite activity is Milk Call.  It is the best time of day, everyone comes together and recaps their day.  And, who does not love milk and cookies?

Questions? Text Our Camp Director!
Our Camp Director Allison can help. Just call or text 833-996-1700.

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