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Our staff loves camp, we are proud that 80% of our staff have worked for us before; many were former campers, too. They take pride in sharing our tradition and camp values everywhere they go.

We have a leadership-training program that provides solid skills to new counselors that prepares them for their responsibilities and grooms them to be camp leaders.   As a result, all of the counselors at Camps Baco and Che-Na-Wah have a homegrown way of teaching our campers to be respectful, honest, caring and self-determined to do their best

Bob & Barbara Wortman, Directors, Camps Baco & Che-Na-Wah

Directors of Camps Baco and Che-Na-Wah, Barbara and Bob Wortman, believe that camp is truly special. Their aim is to foster growth in children in an environment that is encouraging, fun and free-spirited; one that is unlike any other community that children are likely to encounter. The Wortmans approach this goal both seriously and with serious delight. Watching each child blossom in camp’s youth-oriented community makes them feel privileged.

Bob knows what it’s like to be a camper, he has spent every summer of his life at camp. Over the past 35 years he has held almost every job, from waterfront counselor to head counselor to accompanist for the camp musicals, an activity he truly enjoys. Bob is actively involved in the camping community: he is past-president of the New York State Camp Director’s Association and a former board member and current committee chair of the American Camp Association New York/New Jersey Section.

Barbara arrived at camp in 1974 with Bob, who she’d met in college. With her background teaching music and as a special ed teacher, she was a natural fit at camp.

Barbara and Bob’s favorite part about running camp is knowing that the Camps Baco and Che-Na-Wah experience provides so much pleasure to so many people. They see camp as a place for campers to grow athletically, educationally, emotionally and spiritually, gaining leadership qualities and confidence along the way.

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Camp Habits that Stick with us at Home

Coming home in August with our camp wrists and flip flop tans makes for a difficult adjustment—especially in terms of our summer habits! For a little while, we find ourselves telling jokes to our friends at home that may make no sense, or casually utilizing camp lingo in our everyday

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We’re here because there’s no place we’d rather be

Yes, it’s almost here. There still might be snow on the ground in Minerva, but I can almost smell it. S’mores, Campfires, those secrets with our bunkmates…basketball, archery, tennis, Color War! And don’t forget about playing air guitar with a tennis raquet. Camp Baco & Camp Che-Na-Wah…What an amazing gift!

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  • Celebrating National Pretzel Day 94 days before you can get our favorite pretzels from Bunk 20 at the Bazaar (and 61 days before camp) 💙💛💙💛 #bacochenawah #12851 #bestplaceonearth #adirondacks #living10for2 #pretzelday #nationalpretzelday #summercamp #summer17
  • We always stop to appreciate every sunset, every time we catch the fog rising from the lake, every animal, every flower. Happy Earth Day 🌍🌺🌸🌻💫🐸🐣🦋🐢🌲🌲🌺🌎 #MOSTBEAUTIFULPLACEONEARTH #bacochenawah #12851 #bestplaceonearth #adirondacks #adks #summercamp summer17 #living10for2 #earthday
  • New blog post at campbaco.com - Camp Habits That Stick With Us At Home. 💙💛 "For a little while, we find ourselves telling jokes to our friends at home that may make no sense, or casually utilizing camp lingo in our everyday vocabularies." Thank you to Katie Stone for another awesome post!! What habits from camp did you take home with you?! 💙💛💙💛 #bacochenawah #bestplaceonearth #12851 #summercamp #summer17 #adksummercamp
  • They might not be in camp, but that isn't stopping these Che-Na-Wah girls from having a campfire. They sang some songs, played campfire games, lit the 4 lamps of beauty, truth, fortitude, and love, and enjoyed some s'mores. 72 days until campfires by Lake Balfour 💙💛💙💛 #living10for2 #bacochenawah #12851 #adkcamp #smores #campfriends #campfriendsarethebestfriends
  • 75 days until the summer family is together.  Meet Bob and Barbara Wortman, Directors at Baco & Che-Na-Wah. 👫
💙💛Barbara’s favorite activities are Blue and Gold, and Penn/Cornell.  During free play, she loves to drive around in the golf cart and see how everyone is doing.  Its a great time for her to catch up with everyone, especially the girls sunning themselves on Senior Hill😎. Her favorite camp tradition is campfire🔥. The song that makes Barbara think of camp is “Now and Forever” by Carole King. 💙💛 Barbara’s favorite meal at camp is Friday night dinner, especially the challah.  The top 3 items on Barbara’s side cubby are a walkie talkie, a schedule, and a picture of her granddaughter Hazel👶. Fun fact… Barbara was the first female Junior Group Leader at Baco.
💛💙Bob’s favorite camp activity is swim🏊🏻. During free play, he loves to watch tennis and other games going on.  He also loves to drive around in the golf cart with his 3 dogs and catch up with everybody🐶🐶🐶. His favorite thing to eat at camp is the salad bar🥗. The song that makes Bob think of Camp Baco is “Blue Moon”. 💛💙The top 3 items on Bob’s side cubby are a walkie talkie, a water bottle, and an alarm clock.  Fun fact… when Bob was a counselor at Baco, he was first on swim staff, then Junior division leader, and then program director.💙💛💙💛 #bestplaceonearth #summer2017 #adks #adkcamp #meetthestaff #bacochenawah #12851 #living10for2
  • 80 days until we are on 28N… time to meet Allison Wortman, one of the Directors at Baco & Che-Na-Wah. 💙💛 Allison’s favorite camp activities are arts & crafts👩🏻‍🎨, lightning ball🎾, and Swedish Relays🏃🏻‍♀️. Her favorite camp traditions are 🔥campfire, singing California Dreamin’ after all camp activities, and when the CNW bunks jump into the lake together after the Bucket Brigade.  The top three items on her side cubby (and in her fanny pack) are extra friendship bracelet string, yesterdays schedule, and her walkie talkie. 💛💙 Fun fact… While Allison spends her winter getting ready for summer, she also teaches surf inspired fitness classes at @surfsetnyc.  Bonus fact… she’s still collecting forms for this summer - don’t forget they are due by June 1!!!🗓📝 #bacochenawah #summer2017 #living10for2 #summercamp #meetthestaff #adkcamp #adks #bestplaceonearth
  • 85 days until camp... time to meet Rick Weiss - Camp Dad at Camp Baco. 💙💛 Rick loves that  general swim... 🏊🏻 Triple 21!  His favorite thing to do during free play is throwing the disc on the upper. His favorite camp meal is the salad bar... "Spoiler Alert: The chickpeas are ridiculous!!!"🥗🥗🥗
Ricks favorite tradition is when the 16 year old boys are painted in their Olympic team colors, carrying flags, storming a field, leading us to 4 more days of fun... 🖤❤️💚💙The top three items on Ricks side cubby are a FLAB guidebook, IPOD with the Guys and Dolls soundtrack, and an autographed picture of Mickey!
Fun fact... Rick shot the Baco 3 two times! 🏀Bonus Fact: He loves to vacation at the Kish Duna! #bacochenawah #bestplaceonearth #meetthestaff #summer2017 #living10for2 #adks #summercamp #adkcamp
  • 90 days until our hands are messy in clay!! 💙💛 Time to meet Adva Shemer, the head of the Arts and Crafts program at Che-Na-Wah. 🎨 Her favorite activity is campfire. 🔥During free play, Adva likes sitting on her porch, or taking long walks with her bunk mate Susan. 👯 Her favorite camp tradition is Adirondack Mountain Jam. 🎤🎼🎸🥁The songs that remind Adva of camp are Joy to the World, and Three Dogs Night.  Fun fact… Adva has a dog named Duck, a cat with one eye, and 3 cats with 6 eyes (2 eyes each), and fish named Golan. 💙💛💙💛 #bacochenawah #meetthestaff #living10for2 #12851 #bestplaceonearth #summercamp #summer2017 #adkcamp #adks

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