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    Create one Baco Che-Na-Wah account to view photo galleries, download forms, make payments and more all from one login id.
  • Photo Galleries
    Browse through photos, updated daily throughout the camp season! From photos of the past to daily fun, see whats going on at Baco and Che-Nah-Wah.
  • Form Downloads
    Parents can access and download important camper instructions and forms for the current season. Additionally, Staff members can enjoy easy access to applicable forms as well.
  • Online Payments
    Parents can use our secure, online payment system to process seasonal membership fees for campers.
  • Who can sign up for a Baco Che-Na-Wah ID?
    ID registration is open to all current and past campers (alumni), parents, relatives, staff and staff family members.
  • What is the benefit of a Baco Che-Na-Wah ID?
    By registering for a Baco Che-Na-Wah ID, users are able to access current/past photo galleries, process online payments, download relevant parent/staff forms and change personal settings.
  • What about my old username and password?
    Old username and password access has been discontinued and all previous users must now register for a Baco Che-Na-Wah ID. Previous access was limited to certain sections of the website, now with the Baco Che-Na-Wah ID, one login id provides users access to all features.
  • What's in store for the future?
    We plan on adding a host of new benefits and features to Baco Che-Na-Wah ID members in the future. This includes more interactive elements for parents/campers and tools for greater organization of your account.