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Camp Habits that Stick with us at Home

Coming home in August with our camp wrists and flip flop tans makes for a difficult adjustment—especially in terms of our summer habits! For a little while, we find ourselves telling jokes to our friends at home that may make no sense, or casually utilizing camp lingo in our everyday

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We’re here because there’s no place we’d rather be

Yes, it’s almost here. There still might be snow on the ground in Minerva, but I can almost smell it. S’mores, Campfires, those secrets with our bunkmates…basketball, archery, tennis, Color War! And don’t forget about playing air guitar with a tennis raquet. Camp Baco & Camp Che-Na-Wah…What an amazing gift!

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  • Time to start thinking about which camp shirt you’re going to wear on 11/14!!! 💙💛💙💛Post on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Tag us!! If your account is private, or if you want to see your face on the campstagram, email your picture, and we will post!!! #Repost @camptshirtday (@get_repost)
Save. The. Date. 11/14/17 #camptshirtday
  • Did you get 2 emails about the Winter Games?? The first one was just a FAKE BREAK!!! 💙💛💙💛The date for the Bazaar Winter Games is Saturday, January 13.  If you are going to play all of the camp games, you can pre-order your ticket now!! If you want to help at the event, let us know! Bring your friends and family. We hope to see you all there 💛💙
💛💙The Winter Games are back - save the date for January 13th. 
This year, we asked Greg and Amy to make the BEST SCHEDULE EVER for just 1 day out of camp. 💙💛
Come to the Field House at Chelsea Piers in NYC and play 6 activity periods of camp games with camp friends. In order to play Capture the Flag, Levine Ball, Swedish Relays, Basketball, and more, you must be a future or current camper (or between the ages of 6-16). Tickets to play are available now, and can be purchased in advance or at the event. 💙💛If you are of counselor age or higher, there is still plenty of fun at the Winter Games for you!! We are also looking for volunteers to be activity leaders, team captains, and more!!! 💙💛Follow this link to check out our blog with ALL of the details. We can’t wait to see you soon!!!
  • 280 days until summer, but life on 28N is still looking pretty spectacular 💙💛 (📸: Tommy Colbert Photography) #bacochenawah #living10for2 #12851 #bestplaceonearth #adkcamp #adk
  • Today's to do list:
1. Go to school
2. Do all of my homework 
3. Log into and watch all of the 2017 productions 
4. Watch again
5. Practice choreography to Candy Store from Big Show
💙💛💙💛 #bacochenawah #bestplaceonearth #living10for2 #12851
  • Time to take out the apron! Check out the newest blog for s'more style camp food. Make sure you ask an adult, counselor, or waiter/waitress for assistance when cooking, and send us pictures of your creations!!! 💙💛💙💛 #bacochenawah #living10for2 #12851 #bestplaceonearth #smores #challah #campfood
  • Today is National Day of Encouragement.
This day is dedicated to uplifting people around us, and making a positive impact.  It is a day that was designed for us to do something encouraging for those around us.  We can’t help but think of our entire camp family today - our favorite thing is to see everyone cheer each other on, high five a friend, help their friends achieve their goals, or honor them at the end of the day. 💙💛
So today, even though we’re not all together, encourage someone on, and inspire others around you with your camp spirit. 💙💛💙💛 #nationaldayofencouragement #bacochenawah #bestplaceonearth #living10for2 #12851 #campfriends #campfriendsarethebestfriends
  • Watching this on repeat for the next 293 days 💙💛💙💛 #bacochenawah #bestplaceonearth #living10for2 #12851

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